why my toddler is freaking out….


i saw a post from another page that was about why a toddler freaks out so i thought i would write a personal list….

the sleeves are too short

the sleeves are too long

his jacket is zipped

his jacket is unzipped

he can’t wear clothes because he is being The Hulk

the flower he picked yesterday died

someone moved his toy

he spilled water on his clothes

he doesn’t want be in a car seat while wearing a coat

his brother is not being serious

i won’t let him play in traffic

his brother has an extra toy

the toy i told him not to bring in the car is now lost in the car

he is eating a white cookie and his brother is eating a pink cookie

she wants to be naked

she doesn’t want to be naked

she wants to wear the purple boots

she is mad at her shoes

she wants to take all the pillows off the couch

she wants all her clothes from her dresser on the floor

going to the fabric store is boring

the costume has a teeny tiny hole in it

pants feed weird

jackets feel weird

shoes feel weird

socks feel weird

underwear feels weird

she doesn’t want me to change her dirty diaper

they don’t want to take a bath

they don’t want to get out of the bathtub

they wanted to buckle the seat belt without help

they wanted me to buckle the seat belt

they wanted the shopping cart that has the car attached but it is in use by someone else

she wants the other pacifier

she doesn’t want the food on her plate because she wants the food on my plate even though it is the exact same food

all food is disgusting


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