thanksgiving crafts

my 6 yr old is really into decorating for holidays. halloween looked hilarious around here because he kept drawing things and getting us to hang them from various places. so after oct 31st he was bummed about taking everything down. i told him we could decorate for thanksgiving so now my house is full of turkeys and hearts and rainbows…. not sure but he insists that hearts and rainbows are important to thanksgiving and i agree with him. he also asked me to make him a shirt like the one my friend made for the 3yr old and a “happy thanksgiving” banner.


could these two look anymore innocent?


deck quilt

ever since we screened in the back deck i started a quilt to use as a picnic blanket and cover for cold days to match the deck. i wanted something bright and cheery so i used the pattern called tumbling twenty. i used a bunch of scraps and only had to buy a couple of half yards plus the back fabric and batting. the top took forever because i worked on it in my free time which is not much so it has taken 8 months from start to finish. when i actually did the quilting part i had pneumonia for the first time ever so i felt like crap… so now when i look back on how it is not perfect i can just tell myself, “oh, i had pneumonia so that’s why it’s so crummy” ha ha!


gus is hiding….


i added a little love detail