the reason i started a website….

i wanted to share my life, recipes, ideas, thoughts, advice and projects with my friends and family… so here it is.

3 thoughts on “the reason i started a website….

  1. I arrived home an hour ago. I eagerly clicked on your web site. I typed a response. Lo and behold it didn’t go through (at least I do not think it did). Of course (when will I learn?) I didn’t save a copy. So here we are again (understandable a shorter version *smiles*).

    I cannot even begin to understand the anguish you feel regarding your nine lost pregnancies. Only a mother who has carried the blessings of life in her womb could even begin to understand how it feels. My heart goes out to you, it truly does. I knew the minute I met you and watched you interact with your children you were a strong, loving mother. As a single parent, I can relate to the love you have for our children. Just like you, my children are the world to me. I didn’t date for over 14 years; I haven’t since I took over the role as both mom and dad. My primary focus was my children. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Children are not a burden as you and I both know. They are truly blessings.

    Any man (or woman) who truly loves children would not feel as if they were burdened with adding three, or four, or even more children to their life. While mine are grown up and doing well, that is why I focus my energy on the children at the rink. I have countless little lads and lassies who touch my heart every time I am there. I love each and every one of them as if they were my own. I wish some were.

    After skating 18 hours over the past three days, my legs are scolding my brain, asking, “What IS your problem?” If only they knew there’s an additional seven hours coming tomorrow (if I can make it through the snow – 55 miles worth). So now, I’m going to eat. Then, I’m going to sit down and read the rest of the words of a charming lady. Afterwards, I’m going to sleep. And dream…

    Hugs and such,


    PS The main character in my story was a photojournalist at the “Newspaper” Washington DC in her first life. Small world!)
    PSS I’m going to use my EvaRoblins email, since word press want me to use the one for the official Smyrna web site, which I manage. Hope you don’t mind. If you desire, you can contact me via that one for now. (More hugs!!)

  2. Hello again. Going one step at a time here *smiles*. It’s nearly 11:00pm and I’m still working on the Smyrna and BSC web sites (plus I do their Instagram, Facebook). I’m a social network gene lol. (I don’t have my own Facebook – too complicated for my taste). Anyway … your photography skills are astounding. Your children are equally so! I’m jealous. Yes, I know (firsthand) it’s hard work, sometimes overwhelming; however, you are blessed indeed. Little kids make the heart soar and keep us young!

    Super – bold – original – precious. Four words to sum up your pics!

    Hugs and such,


    PS (using the book email – WordPress is bugging me to use the official rink account – no, no, no lol)

  3. A moment of reflection (and digression). Just finished updating six media sites for the two rinks – we are closed due to the wintry stuff. Mixed emotions from my end – don’t want to risk safety of the customers and crew – however! Was looking forward to 7 hours of skating with totally awesome young folks (My legs beg to differ, but too bad. I’s the boss!). Point of this comment: Love the fake filet of fish idea. Will have to give it a go. Like you, I don’t do fast food too often – nasty, nasty nasty! Ordered a filet of fish a week or two ago. Was on my way to the rink. Happily paid my money. Smiled. Said thank you. Drove a few miles on Saturn Parkway heading north. Almost to I-65. Too late to turn around. Opened the bag. Yup, you guessed it. Surprise! A burger patty with mayo and lettuce. I mean come on; how hard is it to make a filet of fish?! Not even a dab of my beloved ketchup! Oh, why do I not pack my lunch every time like the old days when my darling youngest daughter and I would trek to the rink three times a week? Missing my kids. Loving life. Stay safe. Hugs and such (for four).

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