The Best Vegan Biscuits & Gravy

I figured out how to make amazing vegan sausage and mushroom gravy and biscuits! If you don’t like mushrooms just leave them out but I will totally judge you. 

I got store bought vegan biscuits because. what do you expect from someone who only slept a few hours and has three hungry kids?

For the gravy I chopped up a bunch of button mushrooms and sautéed them in minced garlic and smart balance in one pan. In a frying pan I cooked some vegan sausage then crumbled it up. In another pan on low heat, I cook a mixture of about 1/4 cup grapeseed oil, about 1/2 cup of smart balance and about 3/4 cup of flour and about tablespoon of pepper and some sea salt….all this is different every time because I cook by consistency and look mostly. I cook all this until it’s creamy, well blended and golden. I slowly add in almond milk and wisk together to reach the right consistency… usually adding more smart balance, flour, salt, pepper and a dash of garlic powder until it looks and tastes perfect. Then I add the mushrooms and sausage to create the most incredible gravy freaking EVER. 



Just now,  I spread the gravy over leftover garlic bread, because the kids ate all the biscuits and I’m really just a fat kid inside a yoga mom’s body.