Motherhood changes ev-ereee-thiiingg! I cried at the movie “valentines day” not because of the boy meets girl and gets girl scenario but because of the mother-child love– bawled like a baby! I use to cry at movies where couples fall in love and now I only cry at movies about that unconditional love of a mom and child.Something else is the protective instinct I have now. I’m much more aware of my surroundings and who is walking near me.My friend was just accosted walking down the street with her child… this makes me want to beat the crap out of the guy for messing with my friend and her child. I am not sure what I would do in that situation but I’d probably be insanely on the defense and probably get hurt.I can’t even go into the weird feelings the olympics are making me go through— thinking what if that was my kid crashing on the downhill. I would definitely be like Shaun White’s mom who can’t watch her son do all those jumps… I’d just be hiding my face saying a novena.i am all about pick you battles right now too.  my son wants to wear strange clothes or no clothes all the time now. he wants to wear his baby brother’s clothes or a puppy outfit or nothing at all. so i have decided that as long as his is safe and warm that is all that matters.  you want to wear tigger socks on your hands to the grocery store… okay.  ask me again how i am doing with this when they become teenagers!how has motherhood/fatherhood changed you?


king cake

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my dad is from new orleans and i have lots of family that grew up there and some that are still there. so we celebrate mardi gras in my house! this year i made my best king cake ever and i am posting the recipe. i found a recipe and changed it a l… Continue reading

The kindness giveaway

For my first giveaway (is that one word?) the rules are simple… Do something nice for someone and tell me about in the comments. Don’t spend money if you can help it but try to come up with something that will help someone else out- like bringing a meal to a friend or making a gift for someone with your own hands or babysitting for someone who could use a night out who can’t afford a sitter (most of us!) try to come up with something that will really help somebody or give someone a much needed smile! (even make a valentine for someone!)Winner chosen at random will win these beautiful sterling silver hoop earrings from Banana Republic that I got with a coupon so they didn’t cost much… but I thought I could use as a nice gift for someone at the time.don’t forget to include an email so i can contact you to get a mailing address…. it is limited to the united states d/t shipping costs. contest ends feb.  17th at 6pm central time.



so i started knitting a hat from this pattern that my friend angel posted.  it was nothing like my finished product.  i messed up the beginning so i ripped some stitches out and actually didn’t mess it up!  so i decided i wanted to make it more of a comical hat since the colors were fun. so i basically knitted a square shape with circular needles (after knit two/pearl two to make the fold up brim- is that what it is called?) then stitched up the top and added tassels to both corners. so easy and fun!+



vegan lasagna  (adapted from my aunt pati’s recipe) of course you could make it normal but it won’t be as fun and healthy– but i swear to all that is holy everybody that i have made this for has asked for seconds and thirds and wanted the recipe.  nobody can really tell that is vegan. (except after you don’t feel like you ate a brick like some regular lasagnas)2 cups spag. sauceone bag veggie crumbles (morning star farms makes these)lasagna noodles8 oz soy cream cheese3 blocks or about 3-4 cups of rice or soy mozzarella cheese and  a little parmesan cheesebit of olive oilcook noodles and set aside to cool a bit as you set the oven to 350*  add olive oil to a pan and heat up those veggie crumbles a bit then add in the sauce.  take a lasagna pan of some sort (9×13) and put a thin layer (half cup) of the “meat”sauce in it. then a layer of noodles then another layer of meat sauce, then crumble half the cream cheese over that, then a layer of shredded cheese, then noodles then sauce then another layer of cream cheese then the last layer of a good amount of mozz. cheese.cook for 45 minutes until it all warm and bubbly and depending on how you done you like it.  hope you enjoy it as much as all of us do!


george’s quilt

so i completely copped out and used a sewing machine to quilt george’s blanket…. he was in a hurry to get it but being really sweet about it.  every time i would pull it out to work on it he would tell me how good i was doing and how special that blanket was.  i could not wait for him to have it so i used the sewing machine to quilt it even thought it already had a few lines of hand quilting.  it is very very far from perfect. the binding completely sucks in the neatness category but george absolutely loves it and that is the only thing that matters!  my husband says,”only machines  can make things perfect and machines can’t love.”i finished it an hour ago and it is already dirty from george dragging it everywhere with him and refusing to put it down during dinner.he calls it his “tent blanket.” he picked out the fabrics (dinosaurs on one side and safari animals on the other)