Too much sugar

So I’m told that my nausea is due to too much sugar. Now I’m on a low yeast, low sugar and low gluten diet. It is not bad and it is temporary for two weeks. It is a really great way to cleans the yeast out of your system and lose a few pounds!I’m in my second week and branching out a little using recipies by Mollie Katzen. She is wonderful if you don’t know about her! She wrote several children cookbooks that I love and lots of other vegitarian cookbooks. Is it bad that I love using children cookbooks because they are easier since I have two small kiddos at my feet or usually one in my arms as I’m trying to cook?

swedish bitters

anybody try this?  my chiro told me to try swedish bitters for just overall general health and immune system strength.  i have to mix it with water and drink it really fast but i am feeling better. i ordered a book called health through God’s pharmacy by treben.  i can’t wait to get it!  i love books on natural cures!  i am always trying to learn new things about that subject. i also live by a lot of the theories of wayne dyer.  he talks about how your mind can prevent or cure. i love that way of thinking! now if i can just train my mind to fold laundry in my sleep i will be doing great!

how i lost the baby weight

my friend, viktoriya, said that i should post about how i lost the baby weight so fast (60 pounds in  4 months). my son had a problem they discovered with digesting soy and milk protein so since i was breastfeeding i had to give it all up cold turkey. no soybean oil or soy lethecin even. (no CHOCOLATE!)  i recommend this if you want to lost weight fast and you are a chocoholic! i started eating more salad with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and salt— really good stuff actually! think about trying this if you want to drop some pounds! i slowly added some stuff back and the baby (now 6 months old) is doing fine.  he is thriving and i am still a few pounds over my goal but not going to worry about it over the holidays!

my diet

i guess i should explain my diet…i am vegan mostly.  about 15 years ago i kept getting very sick and no doctor could figure out why in spite of all these crazy test they ran on me.  i then went to a nutritionist and found out that i have trouble with animal products. i ate a bland diet and added stuff back and every-time i added meat or dairy i would get sick. i gave it up and have been great since.  i mostly use rice milk/cheese and soy meat products (not a lot though since too much can be bad for your system).i am all about using more natural medicine and i take vitamins and supplements from my chiropractor and probiotics.  if i feel like one of us is coming down with something we use eastern medicine more than western and get well pretty quick.   mostly, we just go see my chiropractor…who is wonderful! here’s his website



we eat a lot of pizza. my two favorite ways to make it are either french bread or tortilla pizza.french bread :cut in half, drizzle olive oil then plain tomato sauce sprinkled with garlic powder and italian seasoning. toppings are usually spinach sauteed with garlic and tomatoes then topped with vegan cheese. bake until done at 450*tortilla pizza: saute spinach, garlic, tomatoes and artichokes (sometimes mushrooms) in olive oil on low heat just enough to wilt the spinach a little. then put the tortilla on a cookie sheet and top with mix and sprinkle vegan cheese or other cheese of your choice. bake at 450* until done.

being a nurse

people as me how i can be a pediatric nurse and deal with all those babies crying. i always say if they are crying they are breathing and i am okay with that.  working at a hospital can be rough and i see some really sick kids but i love my job and i adore the people that work there!  on the bad days i just get through with the help of my friends and hug my kids when i get home and thank the universe for giving me some really great kiddos.