food and a dress…

i really wanted a dress for 4th of july but i have been really busy lately so i made up this wrap dress.  i took jersey material and wrapped it around me then stitched it together at the top, added a strap and it is now my fav dess.



i am also a big fan of farmers’ markets, sometimes going twice a week. i made this amazing mushroom, basil, vegan cheese, and tomato pasta and peach wrap pie.  trader joe’s has wonderful stuff and i used these mushrooms marinated in garlic and some vegan brie or mozzarella along with my favorite farm’s fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes. (Delvin Farms near Franklin, Tn) 


the peach pie is crazy easy… just peaches (given to me by one of my favorite people- thank you Tatiana) — mix them up with a little sugar, dash of cinnamon and splash of almond extract then put them in a ready made pie crust and wrap them up, sprinkle with a little apple juice (or any juice) and sugar then bake at 400* until gorgeous.


and for your two for one pleasure… here is a guest post i did on a really cool site…


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