Best Veggie Soup EVAH!

thanks to mama angela h!

Saute an onion and some garlic and some carrots together until the carrots start to get a little soft. Add a giant can of crushed tomatoes, vegetable stock and bring to a boil. Add whatever veggies you like – corn, green peas, lima beans, etc. Sometimes potatoes but they tend to really suck up the liquid. Add brown sugar (about 3 tbs) chili sauce and a little worcestershire sauce. Right before it’s ready, add about 1/3 of a cup of cider vinegar. Makes a giant vat full.

Vegan Alfredo

Vegan Alfredo Pasta… inspired by Aunt Pati


16 oz box pasta shells

6 tbls vegan butter

1 clove minced garlic

4 tblsp minced parsley

1 tblsp italian seasoning

8 oz shredded parmesan soy cheese

4 oz rice milk (non-flavored)

12 oz soy sour cream

ground pepper to taste


boil pasta according to directions. heat skillet with butter on medium low, when almost melted add garlic, parsley, and seasoning. cook for about 2 minutes. mix sour cream and rice milk then add to skillet stirring constantly until blended well with butter mix. drain pasta and add pasta and sauce together and mix in cheese and pepper


i always serve with garlic bread— this is such an easy and good dinner! (nobody has been able to tell that it is vegan either)




Potty Training

as i potty train my son (or try to encourage him to be potty trained)  i am thankful  for my own mother everyday for potty training me.  my life has been so much easier because i am potty trained now to convince George this!

Gus physical therapy


my son Gus is going to physical therapy and it has done wonders for his development. his head was a little misshapen (even though he was emergency c-section). so i have been taking him to PT to avoid surgery and it worked! we also go to a great chiropractor a couple of times a month. between the PT and chiro, my kiddo is doing great!


i find it is easy to lose weight when you don’t have time to eat because you have a teething baby and a 3yr old todder.  today i will be making warm soft chocolate chip cookies i found at the grocery.  they are made with organic ingredients and they are the break-apart dough…… so so good!  i have been getting through meals thanks to Trader Joe’s fast easy meals.  i cannot tell you how much i love TJ!