The Best Vegan Biscuits & Gravy

I figured out how to make amazing vegan sausage and mushroom gravy and biscuits! If you don’t like mushrooms just leave them out but I will totally judge you. 

I got store bought vegan biscuits because. what do you expect from someone who only slept a few hours and has three hungry kids?

For the gravy I chopped up a bunch of button mushrooms and sautéed them in minced garlic and smart balance in one pan. In a frying pan I cooked some vegan sausage then crumbled it up. In another pan on low heat, I cook a mixture of about 1/4 cup grapeseed oil, about 1/2 cup of smart balance and about 3/4 cup of flour and about tablespoon of pepper and some sea salt….all this is different every time because I cook by consistency and look mostly. I cook all this until it’s creamy, well blended and golden. I slowly add in almond milk and wisk together to reach the right consistency… usually adding more smart balance, flour, salt, pepper and a dash of garlic powder until it looks and tastes perfect. Then I add the mushrooms and sausage to create the most incredible gravy freaking EVER. 



Just now,  I spread the gravy over leftover garlic bread, because the kids ate all the biscuits and I’m really just a fat kid inside a yoga mom’s body.


food and a dress…

i really wanted a dress for 4th of july but i have been really busy lately so i made up this wrap dress.  i took jersey material and wrapped it around me then stitched it together at the top, added a strap and it is now my fav dess.



i am also a big fan of farmers’ markets, sometimes going twice a week. i made this amazing mushroom, basil, vegan cheese, and tomato pasta and peach wrap pie.  trader joe’s has wonderful stuff and i used these mushrooms marinated in garlic and some vegan brie or mozzarella along with my favorite farm’s fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes. (Delvin Farms near Franklin, Tn) 


the peach pie is crazy easy… just peaches (given to me by one of my favorite people- thank you Tatiana) — mix them up with a little sugar, dash of cinnamon and splash of almond extract then put them in a ready made pie crust and wrap them up, sprinkle with a little apple juice (or any juice) and sugar then bake at 400* until gorgeous.


and for your two for one pleasure… here is a guest post i did on a really cool site…

coffee talk…..

so anyone who knows me will know that i love The Pioneer Woman and her cookbooks/website

she recently posted and also added to her newest cookbook how to make the best ice coffee so what did i do? what do i always do? i made it vegan…

i brewed really strong (decaf) coffee and she cold brews it but i didn’t want to wait 12 hours so i just brewed it hot and placed it in the freezer to cool- then i keep it in the fridge in a mason jar.


the second step is the condensed milk… i take almond milk – about a cup and put it in a sauce pan with about 1/4 cup of sugar (i am doing my best to decrease my sugar and a lot of times i just use stevia for stuff like ice tea)… anyway… then i let it simmer for a few min then add a splash of vanilla extract and about 1/2 tsp of butter then i let it all cool and put it in another mason jar to get nice and cold in the fridge or freezer if i am in a hurry.


when everything is nice and cold, take a glass of ice, pour about 1/3 cup of coffee, 1/4 cup of fake condensed milk and however much more cold almond or rice milk to make it the right strength you like and it is wonderful!!

gus first birthday

i always wanted to make a birthday banner and i finally did the day before the big first birthday party for gus… it only took about an hour! i used iron letters so that is what made it so quick.


then i made the best chocolate cake EVAH!!  you have to make this today!!


i love that his birthday weekend will always be around the weekend of the earth day festival …. so we dressed up in our organic best earth day wears and went to the festival… then came home and played outside the rest of the day. notice the writing on the wall behind him… i use sidewalk chalk to write on our brick wall and his shirt says, “spoil me not the planet”


i think the cake was a hit!


king cake

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my dad is from new orleans and i have lots of family that grew up there and some that are still there. so we celebrate mardi gras in my house! this year i made my best king cake ever and i am posting the recipe. i found a recipe and changed it a l… Continue reading


vegan lasagna  (adapted from my aunt pati’s recipe) of course you could make it normal but it won’t be as fun and healthy– but i swear to all that is holy everybody that i have made this for has asked for seconds and thirds and wanted the recipe.  nobody can really tell that is vegan. (except after you don’t feel like you ate a brick like some regular lasagnas)2 cups spag. sauceone bag veggie crumbles (morning star farms makes these)lasagna noodles8 oz soy cream cheese3 blocks or about 3-4 cups of rice or soy mozzarella cheese and  a little parmesan cheesebit of olive oilcook noodles and set aside to cool a bit as you set the oven to 350*  add olive oil to a pan and heat up those veggie crumbles a bit then add in the sauce.  take a lasagna pan of some sort (9×13) and put a thin layer (half cup) of the “meat”sauce in it. then a layer of noodles then another layer of meat sauce, then crumble half the cream cheese over that, then a layer of shredded cheese, then noodles then sauce then another layer of cream cheese then the last layer of a good amount of mozz. cheese.cook for 45 minutes until it all warm and bubbly and depending on how you done you like it.  hope you enjoy it as much as all of us do!


my favorite cornbread

iron skillet cornbreadi use an 8″ iron skillet for this…pour enough veg. oil on the bottom of the skillet to coat it (about 1/8-1/4 cup) then put it in the oven at 375* while it preheats.then take another frying pan add 2 or so tablespoons of fake butter and cook up until tender about 1-2 cups of chopped yellow onion depending on how much you like onions – then set it aside to cool a bit then add 6-8 ounces of sour cream and a cup or so of chedder cheese. (i use soy sour cream and a block of rice cheese). set this aside.mix up 3/4 cup of self-rising cornmeal (or cornbread mix is basically the same thing), 2 teaspoons of brown sugar (or white sugar), a dash of dill weed, one egg substitute, about 3/4 can of creamed corn (sometimes i get dangerous and use the whole can or i use the leftover and just add it to a pot of corn for a veggie plate), 2 tablespoons of milk and a dash of hot sauce.pull the iron skillet out of the oven and add the hot veg. oil to the mix then pour it all in the iron skillet. carefully spoon the sour cream/onion/cheese mixture on top and then add some more cheese if you like. bake about 35 minutes at 375*.