my funny guy

my 3yr old is completely hilarious most of the time. he tells me all day long he loves me and makes me laugh constantly.  after a crummy day at work i came home and hubby had to run off to work so i’m hungry and exhausted with two kids who are wide awake.  around 10:30 i finally get the baby to sleep and go to put both kids in bed and realize a poopy diaper had leaked ALL over the bed and hubby didn’t notice.  so i had to change the sheets and bedspread and throw them in the laundry and of course the baby woke up again so i am running around the house all pissy and the 3yr old kept telling me he loved me and he was sorry. i told him it wasn’t his fault and i was not mad at him i was just mad at daddy.  the next day when i was at work the boy woke up and said to daddy, “mommy is mad at you ’cause i pooped on the bed.”


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