george’s quilt

so i completely copped out and used a sewing machine to quilt george’s blanket…. he was in a hurry to get it but being really sweet about it.  every time i would pull it out to work on it he would tell me how good i was doing and how special that blanket was.  i could not wait for him to have it so i used the sewing machine to quilt it even thought it already had a few lines of hand quilting.  it is very very far from perfect. the binding completely sucks in the neatness category but george absolutely loves it and that is the only thing that matters!  my husband says,”only machines  can make things perfect and machines can’t love.”i finished it an hour ago and it is already dirty from george dragging it everywhere with him and refusing to put it down during dinner.he calls it his “tent blanket.” he picked out the fabrics (dinosaurs on one side and safari animals on the other)


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