The kindness giveaway

For my first giveaway (is that one word?) the rules are simple… Do something nice for someone and tell me about in the comments. Don’t spend money if you can help it but try to come up with something that will help someone else out- like bringing a meal to a friend or making a gift for someone with your own hands or babysitting for someone who could use a night out who can’t afford a sitter (most of us!) try to come up with something that will really help somebody or give someone a much needed smile! (even make a valentine for someone!)Winner chosen at random will win these beautiful sterling silver hoop earrings from Banana Republic that I got with a coupon so they didn’t cost much… but I thought I could use as a nice gift for someone at the time.don’t forget to include an email so i can contact you to get a mailing address…. it is limited to the united states d/t shipping costs. contest ends feb.  17th at 6pm central time.


3 thoughts on “The kindness giveaway

  1. I volunteer at a local hospital here in Austin. Security will no longer help anyone with a dead car battery (a new hospital policy). There was a gentleman, on crutches, who needed jumper cables. His wife was a patient at the hospital. I offered him my jumper cables and said, I don’t know how to use them, do you? He said yes, so I pulled my car over to his and he did it all himself. He was very grateful, and I felt really good for having helped him because he was really nice.

  2. My best friend’s husband was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Her grandson needed cookies for a concert at school (he liveswith grampa and gramma)so I volunteered to bake cookies so Tuesday after work I baked cookies until 10:30 at night. Worth every minute!!!

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