on my own…

I am on my own with 3 kids for a solid 3 weeks. so far it has been interesting and it has only been 24 hours. there has been mild blood shed (me and the 2 yr old) and no tantrums. i see this as a good accomplishment.

the biggest deal is making sure everybody is safe and fed on time- mostly the newborn. i sit on the couch and nurse her and her brothers snuggle her and rub her head. 

luckily they both adore her and have shown no signs of jealousy. i pay a lot of attention to the boys so i think this helps. my kids are pretty loving. i think it is because i raise them like that line in a movie called “My Life”. something about raising kids by just marinating them in love until they are really juicy.  it seems to work. i am always snuggling and hugging on my kids and they seem to be really loving in return and towards each other…. or at least when i tell them to stop hiting each other they kiss and hug to make up.


the picture of the three of them only happened because the 2 yr old was still half asleep.


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