nobody wins

do you know that song by radney foster “nobody wins?”  well, it is about a couple fighting but also fits perfectly today for me and my two boys. so much so, that when my parents call and say, “do you want to take the kids out and meet us for some frozen sorbet?” i agree after my dad says that maybe we all just need to get out of the house.

so, i bust a move and get everybody dressed, diapered and everything packed. remember, i am on my own with three kids. not to mention, the heat index is making me completely exhausted this summer. i am also recovering from a c-section and still sore after 5 weeks. 

i decide to load the boys first and cool off the car before i put the newbie in the hot car. as soon as i open the door the 2 yr old dashed out and dove in the mucky water of the baby pool… good times. so everybody goes back inside to change the dripping wet and screaming toddler. then he was kicking and protesting getting in the car because he just wanted to play in the baby pool. first song i hear as i start to drive is “nobody wins”… you got that right, radney!

it was worth it though, to see my sweet parents and get some good frozen sorbet. i am so lucky on the parent front. my parents are wonderful in so many ways and every chance i get to have my kids spend time with them, i take it!


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