long time….

i have been really busy and did not have time to post. may was a complete blur!  nashville had a 500 year flood. lives lost. people still missing 6 weeks later. i started a first aid group to help victims during clean up efforts. if they needed first aid they could call me and i could have a nurse to them pretty quick, if they needed first aid. the red cross was so good though they didn’t need much of anything from my group.  i collected goods and clothes and food for people who had lost everything.  it is hard to not feel like you just can’t do enough to help people in need, especially when you have small kids and cannot get out there and do manual labor, so i just did whatever i could to help.so that was may.  starting in june my creative muse came back and the 3 yr old kiddo wanted a skull toy (soft pillow thing like a stuffed animal but skull) and a skull t-shirt so again i figured something out that would be eco-friendly and yet make “the customer” happy.  i drew up some skull faces and he picked the ones he liked and we got a second hand shirt and some scrap cloth and created these:


then he wanted an animal shirt so i used some stencils i bought at michael’s and he picked the animals so they don’t really go together but he is happy and that is all that matters!


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