the girl child…

i think it is obvious i am over the moon for my kids to anyone who knows me. my kids make me laugh more than any person on the planet ever could and i love them so much my heart aches because it is so full.

i never expected to have a girl. i always thought i was going to have 3 boys. i am so excited to have a baby girl and i have been going crazy taking all the cutesy pictures and making girly things for her.  she is healthy, amazing, sleeps great already at 7 weeks old and she is the perfect third kiddo.



having a girl has made me more feel more feminine too and i decided that you are never too old to wear flowers in your hair. so my newest fashion accessories are beautiful headbands. i found a bunch of gorgeous headbands for me and the baby girl and i am learning how to make them too, mostly because the budget is stretched really really thin. i love this one shop called banner boutique and here is the link…  everything this shop sells is adorable. so here are some flowers in my hair from that shop…. you do not see my face because i am sleep deprived and look as such… so i have saved you from that vision.


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