thank you


i truly respect those people who can always send out thank you cards and birthday cards and thinking of you cards.  i just stooped to the lowest low and sent a thank you text for one of the best dinners i have had in a while and a bag of adorable hand-me-down baby clothes and toys. i did this because it was the easiest for me and i knew my friend would get it pretty quick. i have also sent FB messages for thank you notes…. i suck.

i think my reasoning is that this summer, being on my own, is kicking my butt. i had one packet of thank you cards and one book of stamps. after that ran out, it was going to take a lot of work to try to remember to buy new cards, buy new stamps and then actually sit down and write them.  so dragging three kids out in the heat to the store and the post office and trying to accomplish this with at least one or two kids being fussy would be tough.  even when i just wrote the text, all three kids were fussy because it is bedtime and these kids are not fans of bedtime.

i have become a big fan of ecards. they are awesome and easy and eco-friendly in many ways. so let’s just say i am trying to be more eco-friendly by sending my electronic thank you notes. yeah, that’s it.


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