missing my friend….

one of my favorite people in the world died last weekend. i was lucky enough to have lived next door to her the past two years. she struggled with emphysema so i keep telling myself that she is at peace and not struggling to breath anymore. “myself” is selfish though and i just want her to be sitting on her front porch laughing at my kids playing in our front yards. i wanted to make her all this good food for thanksgiving and i looked forward to sitting and talking to her before she moved away to live with her daughter or sister. you know that old line, “how do you make God laugh? – make plans”  well i am sure He is laughing now because Patsi was intelligent and hilarious and i know they are hanging out.

this post does not do her justice- especially because she was an amazing writer- and i am not a writer.  i continually butcher the english language with my spelling and grammer. i just wanted to put this down into words for my kids someday. Patsi spoiled them with little presents all the time and even left me grocery money on my porch a couple of months back when she knew we were struggling. i wanted to spoil her right back so always made sure she got any sweet rolls or cobbler i made.

make sure that you let everybody that you adore knows it and feels it- because we never get enough time with them, in my opinion.


just looking at her you know she was fun to be around


One thought on “missing my friend….

  1. Wonderful story. Your command of the english language is just right. I certainly can appreciate, first hand, the blessing of knowing Patsi. Thank you for your words…..

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