my diet

i guess i should explain my diet…i am vegan mostly.  about 15 years ago i kept getting very sick and no doctor could figure out why in spite of all these crazy test they ran on me.  i then went to a nutritionist and found out that i have trouble with animal products. i ate a bland diet and added stuff back and every-time i added meat or dairy i would get sick. i gave it up and have been great since.  i mostly use rice milk/cheese and soy meat products (not a lot though since too much can be bad for your system).i am all about using more natural medicine and i take vitamins and supplements from my chiropractor and probiotics.  if i feel like one of us is coming down with something we use eastern medicine more than western and get well pretty quick.   mostly, we just go see my chiropractor…who is wonderful! here’s his website


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