the bed quilts

the hubby made the 4 yr old a bed for Christmas. (wood twin size platform type with drawers built underneath) the kiddo wanted the dinosaur bed he saw in the pottery barn catalog so i bought the pillow sham and made the quilt.  he wanted big squares and i wanted small squares but it was his bed so he got what he wanted.


then i fell in love with an anna marie horner quilt and decided to make it. this was crazy of me but i didn’t realize this until i was trying to cut 380 little triangles with my growing pregnant belly in the way.  i also decided to make it a queen size which goes to show i was completely out of my mind to take on this project right now. so many mistakes later…


for the backing i used this…


this is probably the last time i will  attempt this quilt in this large a size.  i was temporarily insane.  it is very far from perfect but i love it and it is homemade and happy.


2 thoughts on “the bed quilts

  1. Mel,I love the blankets that you have made, but the bed quilts really rock. The patterns and colors are so wonderful! You are just so crafty busy mom. 🙂

  2. Um, your quilts are AWESOME!!!! And I tend to like things better when they’re imperfect anyway. Glad to e-meet you!!

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