Projects for Gracie

so we found out i was having a baby girl!  yeah!!! so i soon got to work on all my baby projects.i pulled the moses basket out of storage and realized it needed some repair so i did some research and found a really nice man who does all kinds of furniture work to include caning and wicker repair.  {kenny harris with old tyme woodworks in murfreesboro tn 615-895-2113} he looked at the basket and thought he could do some research and figure out how to fix it.  he also was talking to me like it was something i might be able to mess with myself and he gave me the confidence to try on my own. he is great guy!so sent the hubby to the craft store and he came back with thin wooden sticks and said if i soak the sticks i might be able to bend them to strengthen the top rim that had torn in a couple of places and then i found rafia (straw paper like stuff that i could re-wrap the top edge with …. this is how it worked out….bent the sticks around the edges and held them with tape until i could re-wrap…


finished and a lot stronger than normal too….


then i wanted to make a few baby blankets…


and one of those knit baby sacks that always look so cute in pictures…


this was my inspiration….


4 thoughts on “Projects for Gracie

  1. Great job on fixing the Moses basket! Doesn’t it feel great to repair something yourself and save money in the process?! Loving the baby girl blankets and baby sock! You are an inspiration 🙂

  2. Great idea! I had one falling apart too. We kept it as a toy basket! I’m the Cloth Diaper Geek, found your blog when you posted on my FB Page. 🙂

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