Secret handshake


Mom holding George 2006

I think about Mom all the time. Maybe now that i am a mom i feel closer to her than ever. I feel like i am part of a secret club that all moms belong to- where a fleeting glance of understanding when your kid is throwing a temper tantrum is our secret handshake. (This also goes for dads, aunts, uncles, nannies or anybody who has been around kiddos)

Being a pediatric nurse is hard but it has seriously helped me be a better mom I know. I find joy easily in the little things and I don’t sweat the small stuff… or more accurately keep reminding myself to think that way. I am good at picking my battles and letting go of controlling mostly uncontrollable situations and not stressing about it.

At work I see sick or injured kids and it really makes me cherish what i have. I think, so what if my kid wants to stay up being silly for a few extra minutes past bedtime…. or he asks for just one more snuggle from me before he falls asleep.

Like some bumper sticker I had once said,”Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.”



One thought on “Secret handshake

  1. I love the bumper sticker. It is so true. Sometimes it takes a traumatic situation to make you realize these little things are not what matters most. In the grand scheme, missing a homework assignment or having a bad day aren’t a big deal. What really matters is that we have beautiful, healthy children. And we should be grateful for that every day. Thanks for the reminder.

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