how to make mom (or dad in my case) jeans cool

i have been wanting to make a jeans skirt for a long time. i finally bought a pair of jeans from a friend of mine at a yard sale (or they might have been free- we did a lot of trading) to make into a skirt. after i got home, i realized after i tried them on they were really comfy and i could not cut them up so i found an old pair of my dad’s jeans that i used for working on the house and painting… they are a pair of those high waist jeans that make any figure (except maybe thin figure) look not so good.

i cut them off at the knee where they already had knee holes. then i ripped the seams all the way to the zipper on the front and to the top on the backside, almost to the belt loop. then i just pinned and stitched new center seams and used the old cut legs to patch up the front and back slits, making it into an adorable A line skirt.


2 thoughts on “how to make mom (or dad in my case) jeans cool

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