kid pics

i have noticed that it is almost impossible to get all three of the kids in the same photo… exibit A:


it is really the middle kiddo that is not willing to go along with this project…


here is the best i can do… “nobody touch anybody else!”



gus first birthday

i always wanted to make a birthday banner and i finally did the day before the big first birthday party for gus… it only took about an hour! i used iron letters so that is what made it so quick.


then i made the best chocolate cake EVAH!!  you have to make this today!!


i love that his birthday weekend will always be around the weekend of the earth day festival …. so we dressed up in our organic best earth day wears and went to the festival… then came home and played outside the rest of the day. notice the writing on the wall behind him… i use sidewalk chalk to write on our brick wall and his shirt says, “spoil me not the planet”


i think the cake was a hit!



Motherhood changes ev-ereee-thiiingg! I cried at the movie “valentines day” not because of the boy meets girl and gets girl scenario but because of the mother-child love– bawled like a baby! I use to cry at movies where couples fall in love and now I only cry at movies about that unconditional love of a mom and child.Something else is the protective instinct I have now. I’m much more aware of my surroundings and who is walking near me.My friend was just accosted walking down the street with her child… this makes me want to beat the crap out of the guy for messing with my friend and her child. I am not sure what I would do in that situation but I’d probably be insanely on the defense and probably get hurt.I can’t even go into the weird feelings the olympics are making me go through— thinking what if that was my kid crashing on the downhill. I would definitely be like Shaun White’s mom who can’t watch her son do all those jumps… I’d just be hiding my face saying a novena.i am all about pick you battles right now too.  my son wants to wear strange clothes or no clothes all the time now. he wants to wear his baby brother’s clothes or a puppy outfit or nothing at all. so i have decided that as long as his is safe and warm that is all that matters.  you want to wear tigger socks on your hands to the grocery store… okay.  ask me again how i am doing with this when they become teenagers!how has motherhood/fatherhood changed you?


christmas morning

this is completely hilarious! notice george saying, “oh my gah” when he see what santa brought him.i think christmas is my favorite holiday.  it is about being a family and celebrating the family.  i made the incredible sweet rolls and for lunch we had a big old veggie plate with this amazing cornbread i will have to post!  hope you all had a great holiday season!

my funny guy

my 3yr old is completely hilarious most of the time. he tells me all day long he loves me and makes me laugh constantly.  after a crummy day at work i came home and hubby had to run off to work so i’m hungry and exhausted with two kids who are wide awake.  around 10:30 i finally get the baby to sleep and go to put both kids in bed and realize a poopy diaper had leaked ALL over the bed and hubby didn’t notice.  so i had to change the sheets and bedspread and throw them in the laundry and of course the baby woke up again so i am running around the house all pissy and the 3yr old kept telling me he loved me and he was sorry. i told him it wasn’t his fault and i was not mad at him i was just mad at daddy.  the next day when i was at work the boy woke up and said to daddy, “mommy is mad at you ’cause i pooped on the bed.”