diaper pad cover

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i wanted to make another cover for my diaper changing table pad and it was really easy! i just looked at the old one and took measurements from end to end and side to side then figured if i stitched the corners like that … it would do this… th… Continue reading


gus first birthday

i always wanted to make a birthday banner and i finally did the day before the big first birthday party for gus… it only took about an hour! i used iron letters so that is what made it so quick.


then i made the best chocolate cake EVAH!!  you have to make this today!! http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/06/the_best_chocol/


i love that his birthday weekend will always be around the weekend of the earth day festival …. so we dressed up in our organic best earth day wears and went to the festival… then came home and played outside the rest of the day. notice the writing on the wall behind him… i use sidewalk chalk to write on our brick wall and his shirt says, “spoil me not the planet”


i think the cake was a hit!



so i started knitting a hat from this pattern that my friend angel posted.  it was nothing like my finished product.  i messed up the beginning so i ripped some stitches out and actually didn’t mess it up!  so i decided i wanted to make it more of a comical hat since the colors were fun. so i basically knitted a square shape with circular needles (after knit two/pearl two to make the fold up brim- is that what it is called?) then stitched up the top and added tassels to both corners. so easy and fun!+




so i’m putting this out there so maybe i will MAKE this happen.  i want to make a quilt. it won’t be a fancy pattern but something nice and warm and that i can be proud of to say, “i made that.”i also hope to make some clothes that i bought material for this summer.  wish me luck!